Buddha Hall

10 kms from GP

It is a famous temple with Dhauladhar forming a majestic backgdrop .It is an enchantReiki with Usha - Usha a grandmaster reiki teacher who runs courses in reiki (I,II,III and Master) as well as tarot and crystal healing from Buddha hall in Bhagsu, (Opposite the German Bakery). She is a very flexible and compassionate teacher. Buddha Hall offers opportunity for the community of divine belief to participate in practice, develop and celebrates creative activities. It plays a positive role in helping to strengthen, develop and expand the quality and range of stress releasing and achieving mental and physical relief. The centre was established in the year 1996. The basic vision behind the establishment of this centre was to provide the glimpse of art, music, ethnicity and originality of Indian culture through various programs and efforts including courses and programs in Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and Crystal Healing. Courses and programs are conducted through out the year in various aspects such as yoga, meditation, Reiki, crystal healing, reflexology, concert of Indian classical music, dance classes, painting workshops.


Osho Nisarga

12.5 kms from GP

Nestled amidst lush green nature, singing streams, Osho Nisarga -meditation center built near Dharamshala, with a scenic backdrop of the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of the Himalayas. Ecological in concept and design, and already functioning as a new model of Osho's holistic vision of life, Osho Nisarga is being established as a true 21-century oasis. In response to a growing demand from seekers from all over the world, it is being developed independently as a non-profit center and is built on a solid foundation of many years of experience in international commune management.It lies at 1100 m, bordered by pine forests, orchards and farmland; it spreads over about 6 and a half acres which are being landscaped to harmonize with the natural features of the land -trees, huge black boulders.Offers Silent Meditation retreats and Osho meditative therapies.


Kangra Art Promotion Society

6 kms from GP

Kangra Arts Promotion Society (KAPS) is an NGO working for the revival of the art of Kangra painting, which now is on the verge of extinction. The objective of the KAPS is to ensure that the rich tradition of the Kangra School of Indian painting is preserved and is passed on to the future generation. KAPS aims to promote and protect the world famous art of Kangra painting in such a manner that this great art is restored to its original splendour and state of glory. It will be endeavour of the KAPS to provide to the art connoisseurs the masterpieces of Kangra paintings at a reasonable price. B.K. Agarwal President Phone: +91-0177 2625117, Email:


Nistha Charitable Trust

Nistha a charitable trust situated in Sidhbari. The main objective for which the Trust has been established is to work for the benefit and development of society as a whole by improving the welfare of families with particular focus on women and children. This objective is served through activities in the fields of health, education and environment. Health Clinic